Why getting people from Youtube to your website is so difficult, and why because of that, you need an on-website video strategy.

A personal experience about working with an interactive video strategy

For the last month, I have been working together with the Online Video Interaction HiHaHo tool provided by VideoSpicer. It’s an easy to use, but effective tool to make video clickable, and thereby enabling interaction between website and visitor!

I was looking for a solution to fix the problem I had for quite a while. I know that video is a very effective tool for telling your business proposition, but was never fully sure which role the video actually played within my set up sales funnels. Youtube was giving me a very hard time with actually sending viewers to my website. (Probably because, well, they make money of people watching the next video, not when they are leaving the Youtube platform!)

And when people watched videos on one of my websites, I had to place call to actions close to the video and then assume buyers had watched it before using the button and buying. Pain in the ass!

With VideoSpicer, I found an amazing tool to optimize the information I get from video, and seeing what role they play in my online sales funnel. The key problems it solved for me:

  • Placing C2A’s inside product videos.
  • Being able to analyse the results of videos and clicks
  • Link that information to my Analytics Sales Funnel

It makes it easy for viewers to make choices while watching, by laying an interactive, clickable layer over any online video. You can add a ‘Buy Now’ button in an instant, let viewers make choices of what to see next, all while giving a detailed report on the results of each set up

But most of all, when people ask me how it is different from Youtube, I tell them: “VideoSpicer helps me to sell more, while I before helped Youtube to sell more”.

If you want to check VideoSpicer out, have a look at www.videospicer.com. Get a look at the interactivity options or directly register at https://studio.hihaho.com/register/videospicer.