A simple challenge – Create Interactive and Clickable video

It’s our mission to show how easy it is to make interactive video, and how it improves your measurements and results.

To demonstrate that you can create interaction within minutes, and a great interactive video within hours, we work with students on videos with specific Call To Actions.

We help them to learn how to think more sales minded during video productions; they pick up right away!

The challenge – Sell your car with Clickable Video!

This time we asked Dutch students from Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht to sell their car with a clickable video.

We gave them a few pointers for adding effective interactive video:

  • A visual menu

    that asks the viewer, what they want to know or see about the car

  • Get in touch with the car owner

    A clear path to get in touch with the car owner/Occasions business

  • A downloadable manual

    Available from inside the video

This is what they delivered within 2 weeks:
(The video is Dutch)

VideoSpicer Player

Within a period of 2 weeks, they had their own interactive video!

  • Written

  • Produced

  • Starred in

  • And Edited

VideoSpicer Clickable video for startups

If it’s that easy to do for students, can you see the possibilities for experienced professionals?