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Video Purchases: How to add products directly to your shopping cart with WooCommerce

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Videos are key within sales processes. This is why it’s so important to push the moment of conversion as close to your videos as possible. With VideoSpicer, you add them into the place where the viewer’s attention is. INSIDE your video.

In this post, I will talk you through adding a direct ‘add-to-cart’ action to your video buttons via WooCommerce. An amazing and simple tool to monetize your video. This articles also includes adding quantities of those products. Let’s start!

By the way, if you are looking for some add-to-cart buttons, visit our Video Button Library.

Video Purchases: Add to Cart via URL

Simple products are easy to add to your cart via a custom URL. Find the Product ID by hovering over the product title in WooCommerce > Products, the Product ID is displayed directly under the product name (see image for an example).

Add One Simple Product to Cart


Now, make sure to set the correct domain name in the link, and the button will work! 1 product with ID=25 will be added your cart when clicked.

Please note that if you add  product with different varieties (for example in colour or size), use the Variety ID as found inside the product.

Add One Product to Cart with Quantity = 5


1 product with ID=510 and quantity=5 is added to cart. Note: you can not add 2 different products to cart with 1 URL.

For a more detailed description and more on product varieties, please read this article:
WooCommerce Custom “Add to Cart” URLs – The Ultimate Guide

How to - Direct Add to Cart WooCommerce -
How to - Direct Add to Cart WooCommerce1 - find product ID -

Now, Clicks in your video directly add products into the viewer’s WooCommerce cart

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