How to Use video to Increase Sales & Build Brand

How to: Use video to Increase Sales & Build Brand

Video is THE best way to get your message across. But a lot of people still struggle with the ‘how’ in all this

  • How do I get my message to my audience?
  • What do I communicate at what time?
  • How do I measure video success?

Luckily, Youtube has introduced the 3H model to help you create and implement a video strategy & start earning more with video:

The 3 H’s stand for Hero, Hub & Hygiene. Sounds ridiculous at first right?

Let me explain a little further:

Hero content: These are big campaigns, which you set out on social media, website, television, anywhere your audience is. Your main objective is to make or maintain your name in the business. These videos don’t mention specific products but point back to the philosophy of your brand and the problem you as a hero fix for your clients. Or even better, which makes your clients the heroes :).

Like in this Nike example – The Winner Stays on: It’s not about the shoes, all about the one wearing them:

Viral Hero content is created with:

  • An original thought-provoking campaign
  • Luck (or initial investment in ads to create reach!)

Hub content: This is the regular flow of content that your company produces and what makes people come back or subscribe to your Insta page, website or app. Your platform becomes a Hub for information, fun updates & more, about everything related to your business. It’s a direct way to give AND receive feedback to/from your clients. Google, for example, creates a weekly video report about their learnings (it’s really interesting for marketers in any field 🙂 )

Depending on the amount of traffic you are generating, you can choose to start on an external platform like Youtube or choose to publish your content on your own website. Youtube is great for SEO and reach, while website content adds the possibility to use video within your website sales strategy more directly. Website video let you effectively use video to increase sales.

Hygiene content: With Hygiene content, Youtube means to say: functional content, service or product related (but they had to come up with a word that starts with an H). Hygiene content supports a sales strategy by giving more information or presenting that information clearer with video. You use video to increase sales here.

Think of: Tutorial videos for your new router, unboxing video of a new mobile phone,

A great way to elevate your Hygiene content, especially with more complex products, is to make interactive videos. You can shoot a longer video with all the information about your product or service, and ask viewers what they want to know more about. You give the viewer exactly the information he needs before he is willing to buy, and you measure which questions potential buyers still have!

Video is the future of communication, so make sure you start building your strategy around it & collect the tools you need. We at VideoSpicer specialize in Hub & Hygiene content on your website.

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