Interactive Video: Focusing on Results

Video tools are all around, and most of them focus on presentation. Extremely important, but we at VideoSpicer focus on the results of videos. Therefore I want to share some of our own with you. Did you see our promo video? Big chance you did 🙂

In the last 2 months, our promo video was started 1.015 times, out of 4.443 sessions on our website. This means that 22,85% of our visitors viewed our video!

Within the video, we asked you to vote: ‘Video Marketing is the most effective marketing tool’. The response:

– 414: YES

– 136: NO

We received feedback from 54,19% of the viewers! Even though some of them were not yet convinced about video (or very curious what would happen when choosing ‘No’!).

When we asked what viewers were most interested in, in the middle of our video, they replied:

– In-video Call to Actions: 294

– In-video Questions: 118

– In-video Analytics: 50

We received feedback from 45,22% of the viewers that started, and we now know what they were looking for 🙂 We did not look at the percentage that stopped the video early, otherwise, the percentage versus remaining viewers would be even higher.

And then the big one: Converting viewers. We provided 2 buttons that asked viewers to create a free trial account. This action was taken 102 times. That means a conversion rate to our register page of 10,05%!

Excited about your online video? We can look at your results together. Just book a 15 minute meeting on our website. No interactive video yet? Then go ahead and log in!

Enjoy Spicing up your Videos!

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