Interactive Video: Focusing on Results

Video tools are all around, and most of them focus on presentation. Extremely important, but we at VideoSpicer focus on the results of videos. Therefore I want to share some of our projects with you. This time, we focus on a campaign from the Dutch Digestive foundation (MLDS) around problems with Digestion.

We reviewed the results of the interactive video during the active campaign in June 2019. In this period, the video was started 7.878 times.

Within the video, it was explained that your digestion can either be your friend, or your foe. Then the viewer was asked, how his/her relationship was with her digestion. The responses:

– Friend: 2.063

– Foe: 1.379

We received feedback from 43,71% of the viewers! This is valuable information, as the Dutch Digestive foundation could see how many people with issues they were reaching, and how many without.

The video then showed several examples of people with digestion issues, versus people with healthy digestion. Viewers can click on the examples to read more about them.

193 viewers clicked to read more about experiences from others.

At then end of the video, there were 3 important call to actions. Conversions for these actions were the main goal of the campaign.

Depending on their choice, viewers could choose the following:

  • Download the Digestive Magazine
  • Complete the ‘My Digestion’ test
  • Send a donation for further research

The results:

–  Downloads: 474 clicks

– ‘My Digestion’ test: 1.578 clicks

– Donation: 734 clicks

This means that 34,32% of the viewers took action at the end of the video!

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Enjoy Spicing up your Videos!

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