Increase engagement and response with interactive recruitment video

Video is the most effective way to correctly show the inside & outside of any business to new potential employees. But there is so much to show! How can you know what your potentials want while writing your script? What often happens, is that:

  • You put all scenes into 1 linear video:
  • You skip important subjects, for the sake of keeping the video short.

But there is a way where you can display everything your company has to offer, without losing viewers half way through your video; With interactive recruitment video!

This means that viewers have influence on what they see in your video. They can decide for themselves if they want to:

  • View a video from the big boss
  • See an impression of direct colleagues
  • Take a look around the office
  • View growth opportunities

The viewers is behind the controls of his own career, so let him or her decide what they think is important in a new job.

More relevant content for the viewer –> longer views –>more leads.

In other words, more applications for the company!

Interactive video recruitment example (in Dutch)

How you make your video productions interactive within minutes

With VideoSpicer, you can make your own video projects interactive in any website or app environment.

You ask the viewer what they want to see, and then ask them to contact you, or subscribe to your page/newsletter. After building an interactive script and shooting the video, placing interactions only takes minutes of production time.

Interactive recruitment videos brings you:

  • Increase in engagement
  • Increase in conversions
  • Higher completion rate
  • In-Video data

With this tool, you can REALLY start proving the value of your interactive recruitment videos!

Excited? Then get started!

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