How to - choose the right video platform for SEO

How to: choose the best video hosting platform

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A masterchef creates a new recepy for a dish that can be understood by the person eating it, as well as by his employees making it, right? The same goes for SEO optimization of your website content. Every page you create on your website should be optimized for your readers. So, the same should be done for your videos! In these articles, I will go through the choices a video marketeer should make regarding video placement and optimisation. This time:

How to choose the correct video hosting platform

The first question that popped into my head while writing this article was:

What are the different types of video hosting platform SEO strategies that you choose from?

Video optimization works differently depending on the platform you place it.

SEO: You optimize your content to tell Google/Youtube/other search engine what your content is about. Google links your search query to the content best linked to that search query via keywords and performance data. Video and image content are marked as rich content and when set up correctly, will help you rank higher within Google.

Youtube SEO does the same, but only takes into account videos placed on the Youtube platform.

In this series of articles, we go deeper into ranking within embedded video on your site, and after that go deeper into interactive video optimization.

The main goal of most businesses is to, well basically, sell. Video is often named as the best strategy to explain your product or service. It motivates your potential customers to convert more than any other medium. But how does video actually contribute to how your company is found in the process?

For this, we first take a look at the different video platforms. It will give you a better view on how to

Some of the most used options by companies all over the world:

  • Own hosting
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube
  • JWPlayer

What are the biggest benefits and downsides per platform?

Own hostingVimeo free plan
Video results link back to your websiteThe option that takes the most skill and time to arrangeThe content is easily available to a lot of more people than your websiteHigh chance video SEO links to Vimeo, not your website
YoutubeJWPlayer – paid plan
The content is easily available to a lot of more people than your websiteHigh chance video SEO links to Youtube, not your websiteHigh quality video linking to your websiteNot set up as a video content platform like Vimeo and Youtube

Depending on your video strategy, you will find some kind of combination for your video around the above video streaming options. Vimeo and Youtube are quite similar, so most businesses tend to choose one of those two platforms.

Own hosting and a service like JWPlayer are more comparable as well, because they both do not provide a video platform that can steal part of your brand’s attention away from your website.

Important note: Video content is in almost any case a benefit to your SEO ranking, this article is to explain how it works in more detail to help you make the best decisions.

A short explanation per video streaming option and when to choose that strategy:

  1. Own video hosting platform

If you want to rank with a video to your site and improve your domain’s overall ranking – your best bet is to not host your videos on Vimeo or YouTube. You want people who Google about your product or service to find your website. Not your Youtube account.

Securely hosting your content, submitting a video XML sitemap and implementing schema markup are the best ways to do so.

Example: if you have some frequently asked questions regarding your product or service, the person searching is likely close to buying. You want them to find your site. For more on video snippets and more details, read this article. With these informative, supporting videos within your sales process, you want to those videos to rank and link towards your own landing pages.

When you have your own hosted & optimized video, the video is only available on your website, making it the top location for google to rank among other video content.

2. Youtube & Vimeo video hosting platforms

The biggest video platform in the world. A lot of businesses exist solely on Youtube, but it depends on your goals and type of videos if it’s the best choice. It’s easy to use, the subtitle feature is amazing and helps Google understand your content even better. But the main SEO boost you are creating, goes to Youtube itself. If you create a video and optimize it on Youtube, and then google the keyword combination you optimized it for, it will likely show you the Youtube video location. The same goed for Vimeo video. You then still have to get your viewers to your website or app afterwards. Videos that are very specific to already interested buyers, like ‘how to use’ videos for your products, are interesting for people already considering using it. In this case, it is best to go for own hosting or with a closed video environment like JW Player.

If you do decide to use Youtube and Vimeo for hosting for more in-depth videos about your product, make sure your video is not made public and is only available when embedded on your website. This way, you will receive an SEO boost for your landing page.

3. JW Player video hosting platform

The advice with rich video content: when you want to keep it unique to your site, give Google only one option for which page should rank for your video. Moreover, make the content only available on your site to ensure that users that want to watch the video are forced to watch it on your domain, making it easier for you to turn that view into a conversion.

This is what JW Player offers. You have to create a paid business account to start uploading videos, but in return it delivers top quality video streaming. To read more on their SEO settings and information, see this link.

How to - choose video hosting platform intro
How to - choose video hosting platform options

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