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Video first! Generate leads for your coaching program inside your videos.

Video is essential within successfull communication strategies.

In any stage of communication, video plays a strong role to increase actions and conversions. Potential buyers watch your videos, it is your job to make the conversion process as easy as possible.

To stand out, online coaches have to step up their game by becoming the best Storytellers and Marketers in their area. Interactive video makes your videos and video results excel! You can now generate leads for your coaching program(s) within your website videos!

In this article:

How to collect leads inside your videos and how to do this within minutes.

Video first: Collect contact data in video

Link action with emotion and increase engagement

Every video is made with a specific goal in mind. To engage, inform or encourage to buy. You probably already use video, because you know it helps you with spreading your message. But what results do these videos bring? Important to know, since making videos takes a lot of time to make!

It is too bad, but many online coaches deliver amazing video content, but have no insight in any of the results of their videos.

There is a simple solutions to this; Converting customers inside your video to leads, prospects or customers.

Ask viewers questions and give them answers

When your video is watched, it has the full attention of the viewer. To increase their attention, we help you ask questions to the viewer in your video. This way they are not just watching, they are giving you information as well! Now you really have their attention.

Ask viewers to convert to increase your lead generations results

It is essential to ask for a conversion or contact data in your video, since you have their full attention! Youtube proves this, with every Video Channel consistantly asking viewers to subscribe to their channels and ‘Ring the bell’ for allowing notifications.

If you ask, you receive!

You can easily collect

  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Answers to open questions
  • and more

And the best part is. you can set this up in minutes. Give it a try!

generate leads in your coaching videos | | interactive video | clickable video
ask questions inside your coaching videos | | clickable video | interactive video